Yasmin [100 words] The Grumman

The sharp tip of the Grumman dug deeper into my shoulder. Maddy let out a groan from behind, I knew she was in just as much pain. This two-kilometer portage was a killer.

The Grumman crashed to the ground.  “You whore! You’re killing me!” I screamed at the canoe. “Fuck you!” bellowed Maddy, whilst kicking the it, in doing so letting a loud cry as her toes collided with the steel.

We stood for several minutes, catching our breath until we finally gathered the strength to lift the canoe once more on our shoulders and continued along the endless road.

One thought on “Yasmin [100 words] The Grumman

  1. Yasmin,
    This sounds like it was quite an experience, and I am impressed you were able to stick it out. Which of these versions did you prefer? I think i liked the longer one better — not because you didn’t do a good job on the 100 word version but because I think the more we experienced the Grumman with you, the more we felt it digging into our own shoulders…

    Re profanity: I have no problem with it when it fits into the context, as it did here, but instead of writing out the whoe word, do something like F–K so students who might be offended by the language (and there are some) won’t feel unconfortable reading your stuff. OK?

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